Shelly Brawler Guide How To Use, Strengths, and Weaknesses and Strategies in Different Modes

shelly brawl stars

Now we will be covering Shelly. She is the first brawler that is unlocked for player after achieving a certain goals and collecting points.  Shelly can be the grim reaper for many opponents and has high range damage. She is best suited for all type of team composition. In this guide, you will learn about her crests and troughs and a lot of tips that can make you use her effectively in different game events.


Description: Better known as the Shotgun Shelly is the life of the brawl. She is good in both the hands of experienced and inexperienced players alike.

Health: 800 HP

Attack: 80 damage per shell.

Super: 80 damage per shell. “Shelly’s Super Shell destroys both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked out.”

Rarity: Common

Skins: Default, Bandit

What are the Strengths of Shelly

Health is an edge to Shelly

Shelly comes with a hefty 800 health and shells which do 80 damage each. Shelly is indeed a force that will wreck havoc on the enemies. Her health is not as insane as that of El primo but it is still decent. It will take 3 shots to take this bad girl down.

Can create massive damage to enemy

Shelly can take 1 to 1 with any brawler just like that. This is particularly because of the fact that she does more damage when the opponent is more closer. You basically have two choices in case you meet with a long ranged opponent. You can get closer and do some heavy damage or back away while keep firing.

She has a short time to reload again, so it is beneficial for the team mates . If you do decide to back away, she will probably win the fight just because of that.

Use his super to win the game

Her super can blow walls. This especially comes in handy when your enemy has low health and they are covering behind a wall. If you use the super in that situation, you can take out the walls with the opponent ! Her super is just like a normal attack and inflict more damage when the opponent is nearby.

It also has the ability to stun enemies for a short while and it knocks them back. This in turn allows more shots to be fired by the team mates and gives you more time to escape a dangerous situation.

What are the Weaknesses of Shelly Brawler

This is the fun part. We actually had to make out a weakness for Shelly. The only downside we saw was that she inflicted less damage when she is far away. And that has to do with the fact that there are lesser number of bullets getting fired at the opponent.

What are the Strategies to use in Different Brawl Stars Game Modes:

Tips to use in Heist Mode

Just stay in the protection of the tanks and deal with damage. Shelly is a character that kills enemies before the enemy takes out your tank. Attack the wall to get to the vault. Use your super for that purpose and direct your team to attack it.

Play aggressively but play with your team. Do not try to take them all out by yourself. Remember this is a team game. If you attack and at the same time dodge their shots, there are high chances that your bullets are not reaching them as well.

Tips to use in Bounty Mode

A generally practiced strategy is that you stay behind the tanks and when the tank dies after inflicting some damage, the enemy start getting closer to you. This is actually a good thing as you will inflict more and more damage as the opponent gets closer.

Furthermore, with every shot you will be charging your super. You can then use that super to finish someone or escape when you have low health.

Tips to use in Showdown Mode

Use the power ups to get more strong. When you are attacking the boxes, be close to them so that you finish them off quickly and you can get out faster without risking your life. Sometimes it is best to hide.

If you see someone coming at you, it is best practice to see and analyze the brawler and see how many powerups they have collected and be aware of your surroundings. Do not dwell on killing someone that somebody might kill you in the process.

El primo shines in the show down mode. But luckily Shelly is the antithesis of him. The best way to counter him is to get close to him and use your super. Trust me he will feel instant regret. After smoothly killing primo, hide in the bush thus minimizing the risk of being detected.

Tips to use in Gem Grab Mode

Let the tanks do the dirty work. Instead of trying to get the first gem, focus on the attack and let the tank handle the gem. This is because you are meat and you know that it will take a very few shots to take you down as compared to the tanks. Once the count down starts, go defend the person with the most gems.

Always move around and sway here to there so that you get minimal damage. Also your bullets are scattered that way and you get collateral damage. Do a regen and be careful as attacking and getting hit the same time stops the regeneration.

It is recommended to have a team where you put this bad girl at the defense mode While Nita can be safely controlling the turret or bear which controls the crystal mine. El primo is also a beast of a character and he can specifically be positioned to collect the crystals/gems.

Following this strategy can ensure you high chances of success in the brawl. After all you have all the brains and the brawn in one team.

Why should you chose Shelly Brawler Brawl Stars Game:

One of the greatest brawlers in the game and is suitable for any game mode. If played correctly, she will take down any brawler. We recommend you to try her out and then apply those tips and strategies to help her out.

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