Nita Brawler Guide How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies in Different Modes

nita brawl stars

Nita and her big baby bear makes her a powerful brawler to work in any game mode. In this guide will take you through her pros and cons and how to make up for her weaknesses and the strategies in all four game modes.


Description: Nita’s spirit animal is his big baby bear and she is one of the Tribal shamans.

Health: 800

Damage: 160/attack

Super: Spawns a bear with 1000 HP that deals 100 damage.

What are the Strengths of Nita The Brawler In Brawl Stars:

Use Splash Damage To Kill Enemies

Her attacks may appear to be less than average but she can quickly deal with enough damage to charge her super which provides more cover. Her range isn’t exactly one of the best as it can only hit single targets but it damages any enemy within range. Her damage weakens the enemy group allowing the teammates to finish the rest.

Extra Teammate a great power

Her super summons a giant bear that attacks the nearest opponent. It has an HP of 1000 and does 100 damage per hit. Uniquely, the bear acts as a 4th member of team in a 3 vs 3 battle. Bear also acts as a shield while taking out any one that comes out of nowhere. You can even charge another super just by the damage from the bear itself.

Big Baby Bear A powerful Puncher

Nita comes with average health and can take considerably more hits than a normal brawler. Her bear also provides her with shield which allows her to take down enemies without having to worry about getting killed.

What are the Weaknesses of Nita The Brawler

It Small Range, so be careful

Nita is a small range brawler which means she has difficulty killing high damage enemies. Even splash damage brawlers can be troublesome for her. If she gets in the way of El Primo, she is most likely to end up dead. You can use chip damage where she uses her three attacks, go back and regenerate and then repeats the same again. Her reload time is also good and of course the bear adds an extra advantage to her. Nita can atleast play around with the enemies until the rest of the team has finished its job.

Bear Stacking Is Limited

This might be somewhat of an inconvenience. You can’t spawn another bear while a bear is already on the field. If you do, the one on the field will be despawned. It will be extremely overpowering if we could have two bears, However, if you got another super, it can be useful to spawn another bear to throw the enemy to a new location.

Can be targeted from long range

She has a fairly good health and a bear shield as well but is still vulnerable to brawlers that deal in high damage like Colt or Brock. It is recommended to take out brawlers from behind to overpower long range brawlers.

What Are The Strategies To Use In Different Modes:

Strategies to use in Heist Mode

Offense: Most players choose Dynamike or Barley to throw splash damage from walls to the mines. But these brawlers have low health. Nita, therefore is a good choice to kill the enemies while your teammates aim for the safe.

When you charge your super, spawn the bear on the safe to do damage and provide cover. If done rightly, it can often be a victory.

Defense in heist should be played vigorously. A constant bear placing will kill squishy brawlers while your team can focus on tanks which can destroy the safe in no time.

Strategies to use in Bounty Mode

In bounty, you should use Nita’s splash attack to weaken the enemy which will allow your team to easily pick and hit their target. In the beginning, placing a bear at the centre can be lethal as it can cause hidden enemies to reveal themselves and can cause a total panic.

Once you have the bear up and running, the centre is yours and picking enemies is easier. The bear will often kill enemies and in the process will gather stars for you. Do look for the stars above a players heads and if an enemy has lots of stars, throw a bear over the wall and keep yourself safe.

Strategies to use in Gem Grab Mode

Chip the hit points by moving to either left or right side of the map. Nita’s splash damage will support the teammates who are covering the centre and will do enough damage to kill some enemies and charge a super. Don’t be afraid to die as Nita’s primary goal is to set up a chain reaction of spawning bears once she has spawned her first one. Aim for that.

Your team will have a good lane control once your first bear is there, which means the bear can control the centre and the team can attack from the other side. Once you have the bear running play offensive and push back your opponent. Remember that constantly spawning bears will help secure the crystal mine.

Avoid retreating back once your team has enough crystals. Do keep the map in control to prevent being confronted by El Primo. Just stay near the bear which will buy you enough time to escape.

A tank can prove to be a good teammate like El Primo or Bull. They can be like a second bear which will ensure your safety. A ranged brawler like Colt can soften the enemies while Shelly can help you to control the crowd. A support brawler like Jessie is an added advantage. Nita’s bear and Jessie’s turret combined can wreck havoc on the enemy. Nita is a well-balanced Brawler than you can expect to work in any team combination.

Strategies to Use in Showdown Mode

Her rupture attack can open two boxes at a time which enables her to gather enough energy in the beginning. After gathering some energy, just hide in the bush while your team work out some opponents.

Then chip away damage using the labyrinth walls. Players who are already damaged can help you out. Take your bear out as soon as possible and just stay close. Anyone who wants to take you out will have to go through your bear first.

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