Jessie The Brawler guide How to Use Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies In Different Modes

jessie brawler

Jessie is a brawler fit for using in support and provides a good crowd control. This guide will take you through her pros and cons and will show you ways to use her effectively.


Description: Better known as Junker Jessie, is a redneck hillbilly who makes lethal guns from scrap.

Health: 700

Damage: 140/attack

Super: Jessie can summon a turret with 60 damage per shot and comes with 70 health.

Rarity: Common

What Are The Strengths of Jessie the Brawler

How to use Turret power to defeat the enemy?

She may have inferior health and damage but her turret rules the map. The turret can do constant damage to the enemy allowing you to separate them and bait them into place where you want them. Turret is also an anti regen because it constantly does damage which leaves no time for regen.

How to use Bouncy Bullets to win the game?

If you think of a brawler with bouncy bullets, you will have Ricochet in mind, but he is not the only one. Jessie can bend the bullets to the nearest opponent after hitting the primary target. Her bullets can also bounce off bears, turrets, safes and showdown chests.

What are the Weaknesses of Jessie the Brawler

Be careful while using Turrets

Jessie’s turrets also have some flaws. They can’t shoot at enemies hidden in grass who are more than 3 miles away. The turret has the same site as the brawler and will not shoot anyone it can’t see. The turrets are also vulnerable to brawlers like Dynamike, Barley or Brock.

Be careful as Jessie gets damaged easily:

Jessie is good for damaging groups but her individual shot has the lowest damage in the game. It is recommended to target groups to maximize the damage and can help charging super.

What Strategies Can I use For Jessie Brawler In Different Game Modes In Brawl Stars:

Heist Game Mode:

Defense: Jessie’s turret is great when placed on defence. Barley and Dynamike are favourites in Heist so better watch your turrets. A turret place on your side of the map will be easily used against you by these brawlers. It is better to through turret directly at your enemy.

Offense: Jessie may not be strong in offence, but her bouncy bullets allows you to hit the enemy and the safe with one shot making her one of the most efficient brawlers. You may be tempted to keep the turret next to the safe but it will get destroyed easily. It is better to use to the turret to take out the defenders.

Strategies to use in Gem Grab Game Mode:

To take control of the gem mine, you should get your turret down fast. You can have your super easily from your bouncy bullets by firing them in groups. When you have your turret down, let the damage dealers and tanks in front of you while you fire at them from a distance. Jessie’s range is not as good as other distant shooters and she is weak because of her health. Staying docile for sometime might help her.

 Strategies to use in Showdown Game Mode:

In showdown, you can never me stronger than Shelly, Bull and El Primo and they will be merciless. It is better to follow a neutral approach and not be overly offensive or defensive. The turret can help but it’s better to run away if an enemy approaches you.

Jessie has a weak individual game, yet it is still possible to play offensive. The bouncy bullets can help you a lot with the showdown chests. These boxes will keep you from getting killed and even kill some enemy brawlers. You can use the box as a cover while at the same time you can shoot directly at the box to kill the enemy on the opposite side.

Strategies to use in Bounty Game Mode:

In bounty it is recommended to charge the super fast so that you can take control with the turret. It is best to target the enemy at the beginning to access your turret. Once you have your super, you can put down your turret to startle the enemy.

Why should you choose Jessie the Brawler?

Jessie may not be equipped with lots of health or damage potential but her turret is great for doing some serious damage. If you want a well balanced brawler, make sure to try her out.

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