Dynamike Brawler Guide How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies in Different Modes

Dynamike brawler brawl stars

Dynamike, the retired miner, is hard to use, yet rewarding brawler. In this guide, we will go over his statistics, his benefits and his downfalls, and helpful tips in all four game modes.

Dynamike is hard to play with yet a rewarding brawler. This guide will take you through his statistics, his pros and cons and many helpful tips in all the game modes.


Description: “Dynamike is a miner who misses blowing stuff up.

Health: 600

Damage: 160×2/attack

Super: 400 damage

What are the strengths of Dynamike?

Cause damage to the enemy

This is a very handy attack. Splash damage covers a wide range and is especially useful in  close range combats. Splash covers a big area allowing you to damage multiple enemies at once which are in the blast radius of this attack. This is useful is modes like Heist and Gem grab where teams are closer to each other. This compensates for any error and gives you flexibility.

He can attack his enemies who are hiding behind the wall

Dynamike throws his dynamites which means that his attacks will go over the wall. This enables him to wreck havoc on his enemies while himself staying behind the covers. This is extremely irritating to the opponent and can especially be used to your advantage.

 What are the Weaknesses of Dynamike

He has limited Health that is really not good

Dynamike is a miner but his years of mining has done no good to his health as he has an hp of mere 600. Any normal Brawler can quickly turn him to dust with just a few attacks.

You can stay behind the covers and use your lob ability to counter act but this will not stop Bull and El primo to get on top of you by using their supers.

Boom Sticks are Time Limited

His attacks are timed and the boom sticks will explode only when that time has elapsed which means that there will be a delay between the time when the attack commenced and when it was actually executed. The sticks will have a delay of some seconds before they can actually do some damage.

This can allow the enemy to evade the explosion just by moving away and you wouldn’t want that would you. One way to overcome this problem is to first lead your targets and then fire where they are heading to and not where they are at.

What are the Strategies for Different Modes:

Tips to use in Heist Mode

This event is where Mike fits the best. When on the attacking side, use the super to blow open the wall which protects the safe and then bomb it with your high range damage explosions which will do plenty of damage.

If on defense, it is just the same as the gem grab. Just keep throwing the boom sticks and keep your opponents away. Even when it does not hit the opponent it does slow him down.

Tips to use in Showdown Mode

As described before Mike is not made to kill and should never be used here. He is terrible in one to one combat and his only ability is that he can take two crates at once. It is highly recommended to never use it in showdown.

Tips to use in Gem Grab:

Dynamike works considerably well in the Gem Grab. When you begin the game, launch all the 3 attacks towards the center which will obstruct the opponents and you can let your heavy duty teammates in to take the gems.

As for the rest of the game it is better to stay behind the covers and annoy your opponents with the dynamites. Once you have obtained 10 gems, start out with throwing dynamites at your feet and move backwards.

Tips to use in Bounty Mode

Bounty is not for Mike. Mike is not exactly the killing type and he isn’t made for that purpose as well which is the main purpose of this game mode. You are lucky to have success with him in this game mode.

Tips to use  Elixir

With Dynamike, you should upgrade Attack, Health, and then Super. Health doesn’t really benefit him much because he’s never in the frontline, and his super rarely hits, which makes his Attack the obvious choice here.

The recommended upgrade for mike is attack, health and the super. His health really never is a pro for him and he can never be in the front lines. His hits obviously makes attack the choice to be upgraded here.

Why should you chose Dynamike Brawler In Brawl Stars

Never stock your ammo to full. Whenever you have full stock, you should always launch a boom stick towards the spawn. This will not damage them, but this will slow them down.

When you are running backwards, shoot at your feet. We have noticed that if you shoot at your feet, the dynamite will land in just the perfect position to hit your enemy.

Dynamike will prove to be a powerful brawler if he is used correctly at the right time and the right place. He suffers from a disgraceful super and low health bar. But he is more fit to be used in Heist and Gem Grab.


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