Bull Brawler Guide How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies In Different Modes

bull brawler

Better known as “Bull Blanco”. This bull can fill the enemy with lead. Does this look like the kind of guy you would want to play with? This guide will guide you through ways you can pump this monster’s potential to its max.


Description: A bull with a double barrel shotgun.

Health: 1200

Main Attack: 100 damage per shell (5 shells in total)

Super: 200 damage

What are the Strengths of Bull

He is Player Friendly

Bull is best known for the ease you can play with it and for the high skills that come with it. It therefore, suits players at any skill level. He has a fairly massive health bar which allows the player to rectify big mistakes and time to retreat to safety. His main attack comes packed with some real damage and a decent aim can get the job done.

All powers in one brawler

Blanco is not exactly the type of characters which will offer you all things packed in one, like Shelly but you can say that it is the next best thing. You can spawn this character in just about any game mode and practically with any kind of team and nit will perform just fine.

His super is his greatest strength

If you are at cross roads with Bull Blanco, you are most likely to be dead. Even El Primo thinks twice before getting into the arena with bull. His does his double barrel thing and all hell breaks loose. His super is an attempt to evade and can help the player out of an inferno.

What are the Weaknesses of Bull Brawler

He can be shot dead from long range

The extended range of Bull’s attacks is why someone would choose Blanco over El primo. This provides Bull with some clean up kills that El primo just can’t reach. But note that Bull’s attacks qualify as low to medium range which is why he will still be vulnerable to the Colts and Pipers.

Shotgun are best at close range, therefore, bushes are your best friend. You can use them to surprise them and do some heavy damage at a very close range.

Be careful while using his super

It is not that we are asking you to not use his super at all. If your enemy is not annihilated, Bull’s super can leave him vulnerable after the attack. Be careful to use his super when you do so. Limit the use of his super to some specific cases and use the super purely as an attack. The base damage is limited and is therefore not a very attractive weapon.

What are the Strategies to use in Different Modes

Tips to use in Showdown Mode

There are not many characters who would stand tough against Bull in a showdown. But that is quite obvious isn’t it? He is a giant pack of meat with an extremely good range.

The only limitations you can have are Shelly and El Primo. And maybe that obnoxious looking green poisonous clouds. When you are in the final stages, forget that thick character comes with a super. Or else you will risk missing your target enemy or worse, dying a horrible death.

Tips to use in Gem Grab Mode

If your team is more incentivized to lay down their lives for a few gems, Bull’s limitations can give you an edge. If you hold the middle ground and let yourself or your teammates control the gems, you should have easy wins. If the count down has started and you are on offence, you can use his super. If on defense and have collected gems, you still are left with enough hit points to support your teammates.

Tips to use in Bounty Mode

First things first, Bull is a quality brawler which will work in any game mode but bounty is not exactly the place which suits him. Blanco is bad at controlling the middle and cannot jump out of cover easily. He will be dealt with before he even gets close to land a hit..

If somehow you do manage to reach the opponent, be sure to have a get in and get out strategy while at the same time snagging up some kills and avoiding an inevitable death.

Tips to use to in Heist Mode

Bull is almost useless for defense. He does have big utility in offense but is quite risky for the Heist. Lets assume that you get extremely lucky and you are on offense, hit some shots and charge your super and wait for that right moment to run for the vault. Once there, literally pulverize that vault. Yes, annihilate it.

Tips to use Elixir

Bull has more health than one would want. His super is a nada for an offensive weapon and is very seldom used. Which would leave us only his main attack which should be a recommended upgrade.

If you have maxed out his attack and want to spend some of his Elixir on something else, super will be the next thing to go for. If you invest some decent amount of Elixir in his super, it can make this Brawler twice as fearsome.

Why should you chose Bull

Bull is an unbiased recommendation for the beginners. If you have learned to play effectively with Bull, you are all good to go. For beginners, he is easy to learn and is not that hard to master. Playing an aggressive smart play will take you very far in this game. Maybe you will like it so much that you will never team again.

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