Brock Brawler Guide How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategies in Different Modes

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This one is the final one in our most recent list. Brock is a combatant brawler which is most commonly seen as a timid, weak an inept character. Most will find it hard to play with but it is not as much impossible to have success with it.

There are players who maximize the pros of Brock and circumvent situations where Brock struggles. These players will find Brock a fit choice for them. Today in our Brock guide we will reveal such ways to make Brock work for you.

Though this may not in any way guarantee success in playing with Brock, it will help you to use him more systematically.

What are the strengths of Brock Brawler

It can cause huge damage to enemies

Brock’s rockets are slow in speed and will struggle to land the target. But if they do hit their target, they are absolutely devastating. The answer lies in mastering the art of timing the shots perfectly to coordinate perfect attacks. Many other brawlers can be annihilated with just 2 or 3 consecutive shots.

Of course, that’s simply the base damage, so enough upgrades could allow him to eliminate opposing brawlers with more health, such as Shelly, in three hits.

That will be good for the base damage. However, sound upgrades can enable Brock to destroy stronger brawlers like Shelly in just 3 hits.

His rockets are powerful with hut with delay

Why not make his weakness your strength? Brock’s slow rockets can be frustrating for players, but here is the catch. In some situations, it is a good thing. Take for instance the Bounty and Gem Grab mode. If you pre- fire the middle ground, you can keep opponents at arms length while your team can stake your claim.

His rockets have a higher delay time when compared to long range missiles. This can potentially halt the enemy for a little bit longer which can just be enough sometimes. If you don’t want to do any of those, you can fire around the corners to limit the area to the opponents.

Use his Super and you will be surprised

Brock’s super is one of my favourites. The rocket rain attack is one of the most celebrated supers out there. You can use it to finish the enemy in your final attack or to clear the middle ground or maybe buy just enough time to help the wounded teammates. If not, you can always use them for fireworks.

What are the Weaknesses of Brock?

He has Weak Health so be careful

When it comes to his weaknesses, he can prove to be a headache. He has health which is negligible when compared to even the most weakest characters, 600 to be exact. Any wrong move or wrong position can finish your game in seconds.

You will have to play defensive with Brock. Stay low and force the opponents to peak out their heads and when the time is right, Boom! The high damage that Brock does can get you 3 easy kills in a row but the low health can neutralize that factor just that easy.

His rockets move bit slow and not much effective in hitting the enemy

As mentioned before that Brock’s rockets move atrociously slow compared to any other characters. This can potentially take a lot of time and even waste it while still making aiming difficult.

Mastering to aim effectively can prove to be the only pro for you when your team is attacking. Even then, you will find Brock a moderate mediocre character. If you are trying to master a character, please go with anyone else than Brock.

Brock is great when you are into mastering an impossible character. But ultimately, if you have got a piper on your hand, Brock gets old school. This can be discussed in a great detail but to cut long story short, piper can be best described as a direct upgrade to Brock.

Tips and Tricks To USE Brock In Different MODES:

Tips to use in Heist Mode

This is the only game mode where we would recommend using Brock and that is just because of his powerful super which can go over the walls. Whenever you see an opening, just fire. And if you have trouble finding your way through the Horde of Barleys, you can use Brock’s super to destroy the walls and have an alternative path to the vault.

Brock may also be useful for defence. Just pre-fire and make a delay. When you are done, do it some more until you want the enemy to be kept at bay. Brock can prove to be a good choice for defense.

Tips to use in Showdown Mode

Do you want to lose trophies while playing show down. Well we have got just the right brawler for you. Brock’s extremely imbalanced make is fully displayed in this event. He is vulnerable and is most of the time unable to hit his target because of his sheer incompatibility with the style of the show down maps.

There are many walls throughout the map scattered here and there which will make hitting your enemy from a long distance really difficult. Brock’s poor aim and slow speed coupled with Shelly who will sneak from your behind and give you instant death will make using Brock here a bad move.

Tips to use in Bounty Mode

If you are intending to use Brock for bounty try using him as a support. Brock struggles while in bounty and will eventually cost your team a few stars. In Bounty, Brock can be best used for providing cover fire to his teammates and may be you will get some collateral kills on the way as well. But do not make the mistake to keep him in the front lines.

Tips to use in Gem Grab Mode

Ok let us be honest. Brock has no place in this event. Gem grab is infested with brutal atrocious and malignant giant tanks and shotguns. Even if he peeks his head out in the middle, it is nada for him even if no one is trying to kill him. Furthermore, he is littered with other problems as he is in the bounty. He will get some gems and then will eventually lose them.

Tips To Use Elixir

The last part of this guide is concerned with what you should upgrade Brock with. It is always a good choice to upgrade Brock’s strengths first rather than focusing on weaknesses. He is too weak to have a good upgrade for his health. It is also recommended to put your elixir in upgrading Brock’s super and main attack.

Brock does high damage with these attacks. The more damage the more you have put Brock to good use until he is blown out from the field.

 Why should you chose Brock Brawler In Brawl Stars

He’s not the greatest brawler out there, but he can be decent when played correctly. Use some of the strategies displayed in this Brock guide and you’ll find yourself having much more success.

Brock is not exactly a great character. He is not even a good character. But he can prove to be a decent character if you put good use to his abilities. If you use a mix of some of those strategies as displayed in this guide, you will have much more chances of success with Brock.

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