Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Game Mode In Brawl Stars

brawl stars brawl mode

Brock:  He can kick ball from a long distance with a lot of power. His Super can explode the path to make a new path towards the opponent’s goal post.

Mortis:  This is not a player friendly brawler, so as a newbie you need a lot of practice to handle this brawler. Once you know the tactics of using this brawler, you can easily use this brawler to grab the ball from opponent brawler and make a goal.

Bull and Darryl:  They are powerful tanks that can destroy enemy goal post easily. They have high health points so they don’t get easily killed by opponent brawlers.   Bull and Darryl are fast and they can score a goal easily once they get grip over the ball.

Poco: This is an attacking brawler and it can easily deal with 2 to 3 brawlers at a time.  His Super is unique as it can restore the damages of its allies by giving them health points. It helps them to take the goal to the opponent team’s goal area.

Frank and EI Primo:   These are tanks with a lot of power and energy to sustain the damage.   EI Primo’s Super allows the brawler to jump up high and grab the ball from the opponent brawler and get the ball into the goal net.

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