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Introduction of Game

Finally there is good news for players who are tired of playing common strategy games. Brawl Stars is launching soon by the same developers who launched Clash Royale game for energetic players.  The main theme of game is based on fight, and players have to win it by shooting, punching and blowing em up. Brawl Starts is a multiplayer game and you can easily play with your friends and family on an android device. You can also join Bands to play with other online players.

Modes of Brawl Stars

The game has eight different modes to select from i.e. Bounty, Brawl Ball, Gem Grab, Heist, Showdown, Duo Showdown, Robo Rumble and Boss Fight. All modes have different winning criteria and strategies that motivate you to unlock all the modes for instance, in bounty mode you are required to pick up stars while fighting with your opponents. The individual or a team that has more starts at the end will win. Similarly in Smash and Grab modes, you are required to collect crystals instead of stars and the team that collects 10 crystals first will win the game.

Heist mode is the most interesting mode where either you are playing as an attacker or protector. If you are playing as an attacker, then you have to crack the safe, and if you are playing as protector then you have to protect the safe from other team. Other modes are even more interactive with different strategies designed by the developers to provide you maximum entertainment.

Brawler Types

The best part is that you can collect a lot of coins, chips and elixir during the game to unlock more brawlers. In Brawl Stars players have a different ranking that are given them on the basis of levels and number of trophies they have. Players have to collect brawlers while playing the game and they can use one brawler in each game.

There are six different types of brawlers in the game i.e. Mythic, League Rewards, Legendary, Rare, Super Rare and Epic. All these brawlers have sub categories and all brawlers can be collected from the brawl boxes. There is an exception to reward brawlers as they can be collected from keys and gems.

Game Launching

The much awaited game will be launched at the End of December. It will be available on Google Play store to download. The game is free to download, and players will be able to buy extra collectables, with money or with virtual coins.


Brawl Stars: Tips, Cheats and Strategies 2019:

brawl stars tips and tricks

Brawl stars is an action-packed game that features some intriguing game modes and an interesting collection of charismatic Brawlers who you instantly adore. It is a predecessor of other earlier games by Supercell that included; Clash of ClansClash Royale, and Boom Beach. To fully appreciate, love and reach the top of the leader board acquiring all the trophies in the Brawl Stars, you need to familiarize yourself with the following brawl stars tips 2019, cheats and strategies.

  1. Get to Know you Game

Brawl Stars has an assortment of several game modes with brawl stars upgrade guide; Gem Grab, Showdown, Bounty, Brawl Ball, Robo Rumble, Heist, and Big Game. In your first time log in, a single game type is availed to you for a certain limited time. And, when you reach the trophy limit required to unlock Showdown using the brawl stars tips and tricks 2019, you get two modes to choose from during that play session, if the time allocated expires for an active event mode, another one immediately replaces it.

  • In Gem Grab which is pretty easy, the brawl stars tips 2019, advise that you grab the first two gems quickly, and hide in the bushes to catch your enemies unaware to grab their gems, always stay close to the crystal mine, and needed retreat when your team’s countdown timer starts winding down. If you are familiar with Battle Royale, Showdown is its Brawl Stars’ version; just apply all the mechanics collected along the way with other Battle Royale games to quickly become a pro Showdown.
  • Bounty is the Team Deathmatch variation where brawl stars showdown tips include keeping close to your teammates and make as many kills as possible along them.
  •  The brawl Ball is much similar to soccer where brawl stars tricks involve keeping your eyes on the ball while taking your enemies to maintain team advantage and eliminate breakable elements on the field with your Supper to reach the opposing game with minimal disruptions.
  • In Robo Rumble you never obtain any trophies, and is the game’s Horde mode.  Robo Rumble is the game’s Horde mode and more in-depth guide on brawl stars tips and tricks 2019 can be found on Samurai Gamers info.
  • Heist (Brawl Stars’ MOBA-like mode) is about defending your team’s safe while at the same time trying break apart the opponent team’s safe; choosing a Brawler such as Bull who utilizes a movement-based Super one of the brawl stars tricks that works best in this mode.
  • In Big Game, brawl stars tips and tricks 2019 shows that taking one brawler and make him the big boss and make other brawlers challenge his position. Keep the boss away from the other players as a survival tactic so as to live longer as possible. As an ordinary brawler, have full steam ahead and fight to overwhelm the boss in unison.


2. Know that Certain Brawlers Work Best in Specific Modes


In the building of the Brawl Stars, brawl stars best brawler were given certain characteristic that cannot change through the different modes; hence each brawler is well suited to specific modes; in others they will not help much obtain trophies.


  • In Gem Grab brawl stars tips 2019, you need brawlers that have good range in basic attacks and Super’s give them the needed offense such as Penny, Dynamike, Barley, Poco, Bo, Ricochet, Jessie, Nita, Shelly, and Mortis.


  • In Brawl stars showdown tips, Showdown is for the Brawlers who possess high HP, the brawl stars tricks demands attacks that are able to keep them safe while at the same time blasting from a good range such as Frank, Colt, El Primo, Bull, and Frank.
  • Bounty’s setup suits brawl stars best brawler who can handle good damage from a distance with Super that work well uncover and have fast healing abilities such as Piper, Brock, Crow, Pico, and Penny for this mode of play.
  • In brawl stars tips and tricks 2019, Brawl Ball is ideal for Brawlers who stick high damage and maneuver better than others while being backed up by teammates with high HP such as Mortis, Crow, Bull, Bo, Mortis, and Barley.
  • Heist is set for brawl stars best brawler who have Super that is cover wide enough area to deter multiple enemies and have a healing ability or turret Super of some sort such as Penny, Jessie, Barley, Dynamike, Nita, and Poco.
  • Brawl stars tricks encourage playing this mode by fitting Brawlers who have a healing ability or turret Super of some kind. You should take Penny, Jessie, Barley, Dynamike, Nita, and Poco into Heist matches. Ricochet’s bouncing bullets factor in pretty well in eliminating opponents that are huddled together; his basic attack’s significant range and ability to bring down enemies behind covers make him a MOBA mode asset.
  • According to brawl stars tricks, The Big Game should be played by leaning to brawl stars best brawler who are either good bosses or very reliable non-bosses. Boss players should have Brawlers that rely on Super’s that lure another ally onto the map, or increase their mobility such as Nita, Crow, Jessie, and Leon. Tara has Gravity Super that works well for boss players for it can suck in the whole enemy team and provide you with more time to escape dire situations. The non-boss you should play with brawl stars best brawler who controls the big boss by stunning them, or even poisoning them. These Brawlers include; Crow, Spike, and Frank.

3. Try to Find a Place to Hide, Stay Still, and Recover


In Gem Hunt and brawl stars showdown tips , one of the brawl stars tips 2019 is always take advantage of the map’s bushes especially if a Brawler is close to death, to find time to recover; still for a few seconds and without shooting so as to regain a portion of your health.

  • Clear off any bush that you know an enemy is hiding for he might be trying to regain their HP like you; watch them keenly blast them so as halt their healing. In brawl stars upgrade guide it is always recommended that you find bushes and walls in Showdown that are away from the action center.


  • When playing at a high level, brawl stars tricks guide show that finishing matches within the give time in the game’s many modes helps you acquire more Trophies, Tokens, and Star Tokens except for Robo Rumble’s unranked skirmishes. The trophies gained are used to unlock the extra Brawl boxes, game modes, Brawlers, and different rewards related to the Trophy Road meter.


  • Brawl stars tricks say that you need 100 tokens to unlock one Brawl Box, and you must get 10 star tokens to crack a big box open. The two boxes hold Coins, Gems, Brawler Star Powers that are available to a Brawler with their reaching Power Level 9, and Power Points. Put your Coins towards upgrading as advised in brawl stars upgrade guide your favorite Brawlers once their Power Point meters is full.


Brawl Stars Game Modes:

brawl stars game modes

Let’s discuss about the eight different modes available in Brawl Stars game.  It is important to mention that six modes are ranked and two modes are unranked. In this article, we are going to discuss about the ranked modes of the Brawl Stars.

Ranked Modes of Brawl Stars


In this mode the rule of thumb for winning is to collect more stars. The team having more stars will win.  The more stars on head indicates that bigger bounties have been collected by the player.

The main theme of this mode is that two teams can play this game having three players each.  In the start each player has 2 star bounty that is indicated over the brawler’s head.  When brawler is killed, the bounty goes to the opponent team. Each time a brawler gets killed, 1 start bounty is added up to the opposing team.

The most interesting part is that whenever a brawler having more than two start get killed by the opponent, his bounty is reset to 2 stars.  The main motive of this game mode is to have the collect more stars by hunting opponent brawler.

Brawl Ball

This is another interesting mode of the game. In this mode the attacking team has to take the ball to the opposing team’s goal net.  The team which scores two goals first will win.

Two teams can play this game having three players in each team. The main theme of the game is to take the ball to the opponent’s goal course. In the beginning the ball is placed in the middle of the play area.  The team that score higher goals in first two minutes will win or the team that has higher goals at the end of the game wins.  Brawler can get the hold off the ball when there is no other player nearby. Brawlers can active Super if it wants to kick the ball a bit further with more power.

Duo Showdown

Duo Showdown is an interesting mode of brawl Stars game. In this mode two players are teamed up in each team. The main theme is to take down the other team by defeating both brawlers.

In this particular mode, a teammate battles with you to defeat the opponent team. If one brawler is killed from one team and the other teammate is still battling then after 15 minutes the killed brawler will get alive.  There are four more pairs of brawlers playing with the defending team. The team member that will defeat the other brawlers and be the last one in the game will win.

Elixir is used by the brawlers to get boost in the health and power during the game. These can be obtained from a box. Elixir is shared between both team members, if one team member has obtained the Elixir from a box, the other team member will get the Elixir automatically.

The fallen team members don’t get the previously obtained Elixir when they get alive after being killed in the game. They need to regain the Elixir again to maintain their health and power.

Gem Grab

Gem grab is an event of Brawl Stars in which the brawlers has to pick up the crystals while attacking the other team. There are two teams having three players in each team. The main theme of the game is to collect crystals from the mine that produces crystals after a few seconds. Meanwhile collecting crystals, if any of the team members is killed, then that brawler will lose his crystals.

Once the team has collected 10 crystals, the countdown will start automatically. The team having more than 10 crystals or higher number of crystals will win.


Heist is another interactive and interesting event in brawl stars. In this event, both teams try to open the safe of his opponent team. The team that open ups the opponent safe first before the time runs out, it will win the game.

In this mode of game, there are two teams having three members in each team.  The safe contains high health in it, so it is important to protect the safe while attacking the safe of opponent team.  There can be three different situations in this game. First is that the team that destroys the safe of other team will win.

Second situation is that a team will win if it has more health in safe than the opponent team’s safe when time is over.

Third situation is a game is drawn when both safes have the same level of health while the time runs out.


This is a different game mode where there are 10 players. You need to kill all 9 brawlers to win this mode. In this event, you have only 1 life, so use this one life to defeat all players.  The rule of the game is that, if you are left alone in the game, then you are a winner.

When a brawler is killed, it drops off power on the floor; you can collect the health power to survive in the game till last. Another advantage of collecting power is that your damage power increase by 10%.


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